Accessibility for Justice

Making legal information, resources, and tools on the web inclusive  for everyone

Access to online legal services is a fundamental right

At A2J Tech, we believe that technology can help promote social justice. We are committed to working with organizations, institutions, and professionals in the legal space to make legal information, resources, and tools accessible and inclusive for all users.

Our accessibility solutions are designed for organizations in the legal industry that serve the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our community

Accessibility Guide

Whether you're a legal professional, a practicing attorney, or a web developer in the legal industry, our Accessibility Guide can help you meet legal accessibility requirements and create inclusive digital experiences for all users. Our Accessibility Guide contains practical advice and actionable strategies to ensure your website is accessible to all users. The Guide covers a wide range of topics related to web accessibility and comes with a downloadable checklist!

Accessibility Services

We provide comprehensive web accessibility audit and remediation services that include automated and manual tests for broken links, heading level order, color contrast ratios, and alternative text. These core accessibility audits catch the most common issues that people with disabilities encounter when navigating content online. Our team will review every page of your website and make detailed recommendations. We can then remediate the issues and continue to monitor your website so it remains accessible.

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